Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start?

Isn’t that a weird question for an aspiring author?  Most people will advise that you start at the beginning.  Everyone has a beginning…a personal origin story, if you will.  It’s the innocence of baby transformed into the reality of you.  People want to see the change, the growth and the perseverance.

Side note:  I had to stop and look up the word ‘perseverance’.  Guess what…My $15.95 ‘revised and updated edition’ of Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus (circa 2014) didn’t have the word.  It had the word  ‘persevere’, then the part of speech, the definition and then, as an after thought, an em-dash, then the word ‘perseverance’ in bold letters…at the end. Rant done for now.  Okay, I’ve already been distracted by a word.  Y’all don’t know this, but that little dictionary quirk sent me down a rabbit hole of looking up words just to see if my dictionary had the definition.  I know, I digress.

The question: Where Do I Start?  Today’s answer:   I choose to start at the NOW.  The past doesn’t matter and tomorrow isn’t promised.

The real question is:  What am I doing TODAY to achieve my dreams?  Now, I’m updating this website that have been sitting dormant for a couple of years.  Then, I’ll tackle that fantasy novel that I painstakingly created a series bible, intricate backstory and a 7-page outline. Once I’m done with that, I’ll follow up on some emails regarding an event and an opportunity that I have been offered.

Today I’m going non-stop for my dream.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to succeed?



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